Petesch Law strives to be an integral part of forming, refining, and achieving its clients' objectives. Working in conjunction with our clients, the Firm helps them to manage risk, solve problems, and obtain desired outcomes. In doing so, Petesch Law places a premium on professionalism and personalized representation.  Frequently, complex cases involve the resolution of competing interests, which can only be accomplished by crafting case-specific solutions. This requires a combination of vision, critical thinking, and common sense. That is this Firm's strength.

Effective advocacy requires a multi-dimensional analysis of not only legal issues, but also business and personal impacts as well.  In most cases, Petesch Law believes in taking a collaborative approach to reach client goals or resolve disputes.  A client’s future interests and the potential harm to both necessary and beneficial relationships are important considerations. 

When litigation does become the best option, Petesch Law aggressively pursues its client's case through trial and post trial proceedings (including appeals), as appropriate, in an effort to obtain the best possible result for the client. The Firm's litigation methodology is founded on realistic counseling prior to and during the institution of a lawsuit – clients need to know, and deserve to know, both the strengths and weaknesses of their case.  This process requires an investigation and evaluation of a client's claims or defenses, and an analysis of the client's rights, duties and obligations to effectively evaluate the case consistent with the client's expectations and goals.

This approach to legal counseling allows clients to make informed decisions – whether to form an LLC or S Corp, whether to litigate or settle disputes, whether to appeal a permit denial or find an alternate site.  Petesch Law’s mission is to help clients make better decisions for better results.